I consult companies and organizations on a broad range of digital security, from helping them build security from the ground up, to advising on how their product or service can better serve the needs for which it is built.

I believe that digital security is crucial for organizations and individuals, but also that it should serve their needs rather than get in their way. Therefore I will always advocate for security solutions that focus on dealing with realistic threats rather than with theoretical concerns.

I like to help by asking questions and then work to find the right answers and am not afraid to ask difficult questions.


I am a security generalist, which means I possess a broad range of skills, without being an expert on one thing in particular. I have thorough experience in email and web security, have a good understanding of how malware works, can program (in particular in Python and Perl), am familiar with Internet protocols like HTTP and SMTP, have a good understanding of machine learning and have a fairly deep knowledge of cryptography. I can also write and edit security articles of various kinds, create policy documents, organize technical conferences, provide technical advice and have a good understanding of the particular threats faced by civil society organizations, journalists and domestic abuse survivors.


I am sometimes quoted in the media on topics of digital security. Outlets that have quoted me include Ars Technica, Wired, Vice, CNN, Forbes and The Register. Do not hesitate to contact me (martijn at for help with an article, or if you are looking for more diverse voices to quote.