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When the you-shaped hole in the universe
Had ceased to exist
All that was left was a you-shaped hole in the earth
For your coffin to be lowered into


Maybe because it was all a bit unexpected
This changing of holes
Or maybe because you were never one to fit easily
Into holes shaped for you


Do you miss things, now that you have been dead for more than a year?

Do you miss checking if the teddy bears are alright before going to sleep?

Do you miss the cat running to the door when you come home?

Do you miss knitting the scarf that you never finished?

Do you miss eating the grape harvest from the garden?

Do you miss the Friday visits to the local restaurant?

Do you miss clean sheets and pyjamas on Saturday night?

Do you miss pancakes on Sunday morning?

Do you miss sitting in the hammock chair?

Do you miss reading Rilke?

Do you miss random hugs?

Do you miss arguing?

Do you miss making up?

Do you miss the future that never was to be?

Do you miss being you?

Do you miss me?