Monthly Archives: July 2018

Malware authors’ continued use of stolen certificates isn’t all bad news

A new malware campaign that uses two stolen code-signing certificates shows that such certificates continue to be popular among malware authors. But there is a positive side to malware authors’ use of stolen certificates.

More on Virus Bulletin’s blog.

GDPR tool for helping consumers exposes hurdles as well

The GDPR doesn’t mandate how data requests should be made, but it does say that organizations handling personal data should be prepared to handle the requests. One would be right to wonder whether companies are as prepared as they should be.

Read more on Payment Source. (Note: subscription wall.)

Public service announcement: links to blog posts I’ve written

I have been doing a lot of security blogging recently, at Virus Bulletin, but also at other places. I will collect these articles here on this blog, with the permalink going to the respective articles. If you care about the things I write, you may want to add the RSS feed to your RSS reader.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like me to do some writing for your blog or website.

(And please bear with me while I will add blog posts I’ve written in the past three months.)